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We are a non-denominational church and ministerial fellowship who focuses on equipping and releasing. If you are looking for a great church or for ordination this may be the place for you. Let us know how we can pray for and help equip you for Christian Service.

Ordination Guide

Non-Denominational OrdinationOrdination Anointing
Experience / NCCChurch provides credible and accountable ordination and Clergy Credentials for people called into the Ministry of Jesus Christ.  If you are looking for ordination or clergy credentialing the Ordination Guide explains our process.  

How Valid is your Ordination?

With all the online ordinations that can be found, free ordinationsthat are available and ordination packages for officiating weddings how can a Christian determine if the ordination they are receiving is credible?

Online OrdinationThis is a great question considering that pastors, missionaries, pastoral counselors, youth leaders, chaplains, children's ministers, worship leaders and many others who provide ministry on a daily basis need the protection and covering that comes with ordination or credentialing.

There are three basic things that everyone seeking Christian ordination should consider.  Find out what they are by reading the blog "Thoughts on Ordination."

If you are seeking credible Christian Ordination you have come to the right place.  Experience and the NCCChurch provide ordination and services to ministers nationwide.  You can find out more about online ordination, Christian ordination or clergy credentials by downloading our Ordination Guide by clicking Here

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