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Church and Ministerial Fellowship


We are a non-denominational church and ministerial fellowship. We offer services to our local community and ordination and clergy credentialing to the Body of Christ. We have a strong training and support system for ministers who function as pastors, chaplains, missionaries as well as those who minister in non-traditional settings such as pastoral counseling, pastoral care, prison ministry and hospice care.  If you are looking for Ordination check out our Ordination Guide.

If you are looking for a great non-denominational church come visit Experience.

What to Expect

Dress: The Experience family is casual and would invite you to wear comfortable, but appropriate clothing.  

Children: We believe in keeping the family together. Too much of our culture separates the family unit. There are very predictable problems that occur when the generations are not encouraged to learn from one another. The Experience service is very interactive and children are welcome and encouraged to participate.  We do ask that their behavior is appropriate for a group setting and that parents intervene when behavior is disruptive.  


Interactive: One of the unique aspects of the experience service is the interaction. After the message, we gather in roundtable groups and discuss what the Holy Spirit has highlighted to us through the message. Each person is given 1-2 minutes to share their answers the 4 interaction questions.  This process is fun and helps us apply the message to our daily lives.

Our typical service includes worship, communion, prayer, message and the roundtable.  The sermon is video recorded and webcast when possible. The camera is turned off during worship, prayer and alter ministry times.  We also enjoy snacks and fellowship time after the message.  

We would love to have you join us.

Services and Times

Worship - Sunday Morning: The Experience service begins at 10:30 am each Sunday morning.

Prayer - Thursday Afternoon: Pastors gather Thursday at 3 pm for prayer.  Everyone is welcome to join us.Prayer

Training & Creative - Thursday Evenings: The third Thursday of each month we have a special training webcast designed to support the ministers who have been ordained through NCCChurch. Topics are focused on important topics for ministers.  This service is webcast.  The other 3 Thursday evenings our focus is using our creative gifts for the Kingdom of God. This may include drama, writing or music. Contact us for details. Services begin at 7 pm so come early if you plan on participating.

Online - Webcasts and Videos: We webcast and record messages.  These can be found on our website (www.NCCChurch.org) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ExperienceNCCChurch/).  

Retreat: We hold one or more retreats per year.  These are open retreats and anyone can join.  For more details Click Here.

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What Experience Believes 

BaptismExperience is built on the principle that we must have an experience with Jesus and then gain experience by living our faith. Every believer has gifts, talents, and abilities that build up the Body of Christ and reach the lost. We equip Christians to serve wherever God has gifted and called them. This may be in the church, in the community, in the family, in business or other areas.  We believe strongly that the ministerial staff is called to equip and release.

We have a strong focus on the Word of God, living our faith, discipleship, and fellowship.  

Click Here for our Articles of Faith.