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Most people immediately recognize the song within the first few notes and everyone loves to watch the beautiful bride as she walks down the aisle. There is such joy on this special wedding day. Everyone anticipates the tears of the bride, the bride’s maids, the parents and other close friends. Likewise we all know that the groom has the jitters and most of his line is very nervous about standing in front of the crowd. Whatever mistakes they make are acceptable and part of the memories.

What about the minister? Is their ordination or credentials in place? Is this their first wedding? Do they have the shakes so bad they can barely talk or hold their bible? What happens if they make a mistake or if something goes wrong in the service?

Even seasoned ministers make mistakes and need to be prepared to adjust the program to overcome a challenge. Let’s be honest, there is pressure on the minister as they are viewed as the key person who has control over the service and is expected to make it perfect.

Are you prepared as a minister to conduct the wedding? What will you do if someone stands and objects to the couple being married? What will you do if someone in the line passes out?

Every minister should be prepared to do pre-marriage counseling and conduct the service. They should also be confident in their ordination or credentials, the local laws and their ability to make needed adjustments in the wedding ceremony.

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Friday, 19 January 2018

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