Ordination Guide

Be a Pastor, Be a Minister, Receive Ordination or Clergy Credentials.

The NCCChurch offers Christian Ordination, Licensing and Commissioning for ministersOrdain and anoint who are called by the Holy Spirit into ministry.  Ordination or clergy credentials are not just for those seeking to be a pastor.  Chaplains, missionaries, pastoral counselors and many other ministers need Christian Ordination.

Our ordination process, accountability, training and support system gives ministers the confidence and credibility they need to fulfill God's call.

As a non-denominational church and ministerial fellowship we support a variety of ministers and callings.  Ordination is more than a certificate or wallet card.  A ministerial fellowship should stand behind ordination or clergy credentials with a support system, training and ministry.   

Learn more about the NCCChurch Ordination and clergy credentialing process by requesting the Ordination Guide today. Simply fill out the form below to access the Ordination Guide.

This guide will give you information on Christian Ordination, the Four Step Training System, Fees and also contains the applications necessary.

Accessing the Ordination Guide will give you information on how to attend online training events as our guest.

Wedding-OfficiantOrdination, Licensing or Commissioning as a minister gives the recognition needed to:

Officiate Weddings

Plant a Ministry Center or Church

Preach & Teach

Provide Pastoral Counseling

Perform the normal duties of a minister.

Learn more about how to be a pastor, how to be a minister, receive ordination or clergy credentials by downloading the

Ordination Guide Today!

 Access the ordination guide by filling in this request form.  



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The NCCChurch is a Church Dispursed and non-denominational Ministerial Fellowship.  We provide Christian Ordination, Licensing and Commissioning.  We also provide training and support to Ordained Ministers.